Why avoid using bots for election campaigns, and how to use social networks to your advantage?

Why avoid using bots for election campaigns, and how to use social networks to your advantage?

Did you know that the use of bots during election campaigns can harm you? In case you didn't know, the term bot is an abbreviation for robot and refers to a software program that performs automated and pre-defined tasks, generating repetitive actions without humanization. But is an automated campaign on social media ideal for capturing voters? Read the article until the end and understand why bots should be avoided and the best way to carry out political campaign management.

Understanding bots better

As mentioned, bots are robots, used through software to simulate a human action, standardized and repeated on the internet. In this context, bots can be used on platforms and websites, operating more quickly than human users. And when directed to electoral campaigns, how do they work?

The bots used in election campaigns are intended to simulate human behavior through lines of code. It is noteworthy that this software resource can be used by candidates to generate content and interact with other users within social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thus, when inserted in electoral campaigns, they can threaten democracy, due to the influence generated.

Why avoid bots in election campaigns?

As they deal with software developed with the purpose of generating engagement and reaching the public, bots can give an impression of false political support. This is because, using this feature, it is possible to inflate the number of likes and followers of a candidate, causing users to create a progression of the politician that is not real. In addition, they can be a threat, as they can attract users to dubious links and fake news.

Therefore, even if used to leverage your candidacy, bots can have the opposite effect on your campaign, even harming your reputation. So, considering that investment in social networks during election campaigns has become crucial in modernity, it is interesting to understand how to use digital services to promote good political campaign management.

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Thus, to make a good investment in electoral campaigns on social networks, the ideal is to resort to digital services that value their integrity, credibility and reputation. In this way, do not miss Saftec Digital, a technological company that aims to meet the desires of its customers and allow the virtual environment to be a place of comfort and benefits. To do so, contact the company by telephone (11) 4112–9358 and/or by the website: www.saftecdigital.com.br .

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