vulnerability analysis

vulnerability analysis

Did you know that it is essential for a political candidate to analyze his vulnerabilities even before election campaigns? We know that with the advent of the internet, becoming a public person is something that requires a lot of care and attention, and at this moment the vulnerability analysis service comes in, functioning as cybersecurity. So, if you want to better understand the subject and how to fit into the political context, read the article until the end!

What is vulnerability analysis?

This is an assessment and identification of flaws and possible security threats in the virtual environment. Therefore, as vulnerability implies a risky situation, when we talk about electoral campaigns, candidates must pay attention mainly to false information involving their name, which in turn can affect voters' choice.

Given this bias, we can view vulnerability analysis as a cybersecurity procedure, as it also aims to observe the technology infrastructure and its possible threats. We know that in the virtual environment, cyber crimes are frequent, and being a public figure in the political field, it is important to also be careful with the political reputation, which can be affected by these vulnerabilities.

But what would political reputation be?

Many end up confusing image with reputation, however, even though they are close terms, they are different. When we refer to someone's image, we are talking about something momentary, a posture or an action that generated a certain image, but does not last. Reputation, on the other hand, is a collective image, something that has a future impact, and it is more difficult to restore it.

In this context, there are companies that offer services so that the user can have more control of his political reputation. Saftec Digital , a renowned company in the digital area, offers its customers a reputation management service, which allows political candidates, for example, to better manage the information surrounding their name on the internet and thus disseminate relevant news about them. .

So can we say these tools are related?

Yes, with a proper vulnerability analysis done, the candidate builds a good political reputation. Therefore, both tools are related, since by identifying the vulnerabilities of certain candidates, such as, for example, the excess of false news on the internet, it is possible that, through reputation management, he does not lose his credibility and knows how to use the information negative in your favor.

Therefore, if you want to manage your electoral campaign better, do not miss out on Saftec Digital . Aiming to help society to have a better experience in the digital environment, bringing solutions to the field, this renowned company offers the following services: digital monitoring, removal of Google content, management of social networks and even vulnerability analysis and the reputation management, mentioned earlier. So, if you want to have access to these advantages, contact us by phone (11) 4114-9358 and through our contact tab here on the website.

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