The release trigger as a digital electoral marketing strategy

The release trigger as a digital electoral marketing strategy

Elections are getting closer and, with them, the need to win voters and spread your message also increases. In this sense, working with electoral marketing is indispensable, after all, it is through it that you can transmit your proposals and propagate your name and public image, making voters know the political candidate.

Even so, did you know that, currently, it is not enough to just invest in physical political marketing strategies, such as flags, pamphleting, debates and election time? That's right, these actions, however much they collaborate with the propagation of your image, do not provide an efficient reach of voters!

But, how to reach voters today and make your election campaign leverage? The answer is on the Internet. Using social media in favor of your election campaign is an excellent way to spread your message and, in fact, make voters aware of your public image, as well as your proposals. In this sense, it is worth having a specific tool: the release distributor.

Understand what is release

The release is a fundamental communication tool for triggering and disseminating information. Thus, it must be understood as an informative material composed with relevant content about a particular brand, product or even a public person. It is, therefore, a tool widely used by press offices for media relations work.

The purpose of the release is to ensure that the announced information is linked in the communication vehicles, in order to guarantee space for the contents produced through spontaneous media. In this sense, a company specialized in triggering releases, such as Saftec Digital, can contribute significantly to your digital electoral marketing.

How Saftec Digital can collaborate with your election campaign

The contents published through a release trigger ensure that the person's message is transmitted efficiently, promoting the good reputation of their public image, the good positioning of their name, in addition to reaching out to various users who will know more about their activities. . Therefore, it is essential to rely on a company that specializes in this field!

Saftec Digital is a pioneering company in the virtual market, working for over ten years with professionals specializing in Digital Law, reputation management, social media management, vulnerability analysis, among other services. In addition, within the scope of release shots, the company has more than 300 news channels capable of disseminating and transmitting positive news and relevant content for its electoral campaign.

To find out more about Saftec Digital's services and how it can collaborate with your electoral campaign through digital political marketing, contact us at (11) 4114-9358 or visit and guarantee greater strategic efficiency during the election period.

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