Political marketing for a presidential candidate: what would be the strategies for candidacy for this position?

Political marketing for a presidential candidate: what would be the strategies for candidacy for this position?

Surely you must have asked yourself: how does political marketing work for presidential candidates? Bearing in mind that social networks have become very conducive to establishing closer contact between the candidate and his electorate, it is a fact that investment in these social media is essential for gaining recognition in the virtual environment and thus guaranteeing success during the candidacy. With that in mind, I propose that we get to know a little about the marketing strategies aimed at the position of president.

What is the role of the president?

At first, it is important to understand the role of the president and what attributions are given to the position. As you may know, the president of the republic is considered the highest authority in Brazil, elected by popular vote and serving a four-year term. In this context, as he is the highest position in Brazilian politics, he is thus the Chief Executive of the country.

In this context, as previously mentioned, the president is elected by the majority system, with the possibility of a second round, in addition to being re-elected and remaining in office for eight consecutive years. To apply for the position, the candidate needs to meet certain requirements, some of which are: being a native Brazilian and being at least 35 years old. Being included in these requirements, the candidate must start planning his political marketing to be a candidate for the presidency.

Due to Brazil being a presidential republic, the president has two main functions: to be head of government and head of state. As head of government, he is responsible for taking actions and decisions in the daily life of Brazilian politics, while, as head of state, his role is to be the country's top representative before the world, receiving foreign authorities and having diplomatic representation abroad.

Political marketing for presidential candidate

Now that we understand a little bit about the role of the presidency in politics, we understand how political marketing for a presidential candidate works. Knowing that his role is to take care of matters of national interest, the candidate needs to show this to his electorate. In this context, in the media, especially social networks, it is imperative that politicians convey comprehensive projects that serve different sectors of society.

When we talk about social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we know that engagement is crucial for recognition as a public figure. For this reason, in order to have adequate political marketing for the position, it is important that relevant content be broadcast that responds to the national infrastructure (transport, communications, health, education, etc.), in addition to showing concern for foreign relations — all responsibilities of the office.

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