news spreader

news spreader

With the election period approaching, are you, the political candidate, in line with digital electoral marketing actions and, above all, with the news broadcaster as an indispensable tool for the success of your electoral campaign? If the answer is no, it's worth understanding better the benefits of this instrument and how it can boost your results!

Beforehand, it is necessary to clarify that the period of the electoral campaign, in the last years, has changed intensely, with the scenario of marketing performance migrating, more and more, to the digital scope. In this way, the political candidate must work, in these elections and more than ever, in the digital field.

Migrating political and electoral marketing actions to the internet is a way to ensure that your message is being transmitted to voters more efficiently. In a fierce period such as the elections, in which details are capable of changing results at the polls, communication needs to be a differentiator, and it is precisely in this sense that a news promoter works.

How can a news broadcaster help your election campaign?

The news promoter is an instrument used by companies to trigger relevant information and content on news portals that appear on Google: the largest search engine on the Web. When voters search for your name, it will be directly associated with news that increases your credibility and collaborate to spread its image.

In this way, the news broadcaster must be understood as a communication tool, but also as a reputation management tool. That is, it is part of a service that aims, above all, to collaborate with maintaining the public image of brands, companies and public persons, so that their names remain relevant, linked to positive content for their areas of activity.

In this sense, do you realize how worthwhile it is to invest in digital electoral marketing actions that are directly linked to a news promoter? And, for this to work, more than relying on this tool, you need to link up with a company that knows how to handle it in your favor, like Saftec Digital !

With more than ten years of experience in the digital market, Saftec Digital is a pioneer in reputation management services and has a team specialized in news dissemination to produce and publish relevant content and information on more than 300 news portals. So, interested in this service to promote your election campaign?

To find out more about Saftec Digital 's services and hire them, contact us at (11) 4114-9358

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