Learn how politics and marketing should be aligned with reputation management in election campaigns

Learn how politics and marketing should be aligned with reputation management in election campaigns

Learn how politics and marketing should be aligned with reputation management in election campaigns

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how politics and marketing should be aligned during election campaigns? It is a fact that during the electoral period, parties and candidates present themselves to the public in search of a greater reach of votes, but little is known about the strategies used to manage this presentation and favor the candidate in society.

In this context, it is important to know that reputation management is a key element in this process and that it must be intertwined with politics and marketing. Therefore, if you want to know how, read the article until the end and find out about it.

What is political marketing?

First of all, it is important to point out that with the insertion of increasingly advanced technologies in the digital field, the use of social networks for profit and commercial purposes has become more planned and strategic, which would not be different when we talk about politics and marketing. .

Election campaigns aim, as a whole, to convince social groups that a certain candidate for a political office is the best one to occupy it. Therefore, the idea is to bring the public closer together, and for that, political marketing is used as a tool, which is nothing more than a combination of strategies that aim to generate a positive perception of the candidate or party, to favor its reputation and image. . That is, policy and marketing alignment in practice, isn't it?

And how does reputation management fit into this scope?

Reputation management itself encompasses a collective perception of a certain brand or, in this case, a public figure. However, it is important to bear in mind that image and reputation are different things and cannot be understood as synonyms, since image is related to what is momentary and, consequently, has no future impact, while reputation is more lasting and, basically, the set of good images built over a period of time.

This means that, from the point of view of politics and marketing, image and reputation are distinct concepts, but closely intertwined. In other words, to carry out good reputation management, it is necessary to build a good image while a politician is still a candidate. Assuming, however, a position, your reputation will already be formed, being necessary only to maintain it. Makes sense, right?

We can say, then, that reputation is classified as a sum of images, therefore they should be treated as complementary actions, and need to be preserved through good management. In this way, when this management is focused on electoral campaigns, and we interconnect it with politics and marketing, it is essential to recognize the current political context, trends and social expectations, so that it is possible to create targeted material that meets the goals of the candidates.

In order to establish closer communication with the electorate and/or future voters, politics and marketing must be thought out in order to propagate the candidate's political identity.

In practice, there needs to be a strong investment in content, that is, producing quality material that covers the main objectives and projects of the candidate, objectively, directly and easily understood, thus facilitating the sharing of this information.

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