Instagram verification advice

Instagram verification advice

If you intend to work with the internet, you have certainly heard about verification stamps. The question is, what's the best way to get yours? Through an Instagram verification advisory or buying an already verified account? Calm down, before opting for one of these options, check below more about verifying accounts on Instagram and how to get yours.

What exactly is verification on Instagram?

Visualized as a blue symbol, known as a check and which is next to the profile user photo, the verification seal serves to attest to the authenticity of a profile. This means that Instagram confirms that the account really belongs to that entity, which is usually a public figure, brand or celebrity. For Saftec Digital , a company specializing in digital marketing and reputation management advice, verification is what creates security for those who follow the profile, ruling out any possibility that the content contains fake news or that someone else is impersonating the figure that the user want to follow.

How to get verification badge on Instagram?

To obtain the verification seal, the user needs to keep in mind that although it is easy, there is some complexity. This is because you need to use documents, have some links that mention the image or brand, in addition to never having violated the rules for using the app. When it is denied, the justification is not detailed, which leaves the owner of the profile without knowing exactly what to do, which is why Instagram verification advice becomes a good option.

If you're looking to verify your account, check out some tips on how to order step by step, without having to buy ready-made accounts, which are usually not so secure. If you have any doubts, consider hiring an Instagram verification advisor that will make your life easier:

Provide proof that your profile is real:

As mentioned, it is customary for the social network to ask the user for proof of authenticity. Therefore, before submitting the request for verification, separate links from other social networks, links to journalistic articles or websites that show that the owner of the account or brand is known in different channels. For Saftec Digital , an Instagram verification consultancy, using the domain linked to your personal website is good proof, for example: [email protected] .

Follow all Instagram rules:

We also mention the importance of the profile exactly following the guidelines specified by Instagram to get the seal, right? That's because every place we go, whether online or not, has the need to comply with rules. Instagram is known as one of the strictest social networks with regard to compliance with its user policies, so follow all the terms so you don't take chances when asking for the badge. If you have already inflicted any of them, rethink hiring an Instagram verification advisor.

Why hire a consultant to verify my company's Instagram?

Since the beginning of Instagram, a common practice has been fake profiles that pretend to be public figures or even brands. The function of the verification seal is precisely to combat this type of practice, in addition to attracting more followers by showing that the profile is authentic, reaching an increase in the audience and making your posts viral on the social network.

Hiring an Instagram verification advisory company is the smartest way to deal with the processes that Instagram imposes to assign the seal to the user. Now that you know the advantages and the need to invest in Instagram verification advice, get to know Saftec Digital , a company that has trained professionals and extensive experience to leverage your brand and reputation in the digital environment. Contact us by phone (11) 4114-9358 or browse our website and resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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