How to remove my name from official radar

How to remove my name from official radar

If your search is for “how to remove my name from the official radar” surely the search results offered by the search engine have presented data that you do not want to be public, correct?!

According to Saftec Digital, a company specialized in reputation management, removal of unwanted content and digital processes, with the advancement of the democratization of the internet, people around the world began to worry about privacy on the internet. For this reason, debates based on how to protect your information in the virtual world are common among many groups and tribes. Do you want to know more about privacy on the internet and how to remove my name from the official radar ? Keep reading:

Privacy in times of internet

Privacy on the internet goes beyond exposing the history of websites that an individual visits while browsing. Thousands of people are having their personal data such as full names, emails, telephone numbers and CNPJs published on websites and blogs daily.

Furthermore, the possibility of the search engine finding fake news related to this information is huge, known as fake news. Therefore, the search for “how to remove my name from the official radar” has been a topic not only in the digital environment, but also in the daily lives of ordinary people who want to protect themselves from the situation that this data leak can cause.

What is the Official Radar?

Google search results make us learn a lot of things, right?! Sometimes, we search just out of curiosity, like typing the name into the search engine to see if it would actually result in something. And then the surprise happens, many times, some sites can point out not only the name, but other personal information that should not be on the network.

If you are looking for how to remove my name from radaroficial , there is no doubt that some information about your life has been highlighted by the website and you want to remove it. But before we talk about how this needs to be done, it is important that the reader knows what the official radar is. The official radar website is nothing more than a portal specialized in monitoring occurrences present in the Official Gazette in many regions of Brazil.

Is Official Radar illegal?

One of the main doubts of those looking for how to remove my name from the official radar is whether the website, by disclosing information that should be private, is acting illegally. The answer is no, according to the Federal Constitution, this information is official decisions and is public.

Can reputation management be a means of restricting the Official Radar?

Through strategies using search engines to your advantage, bringing only the desired information, Saftec Digital promotes the best reputation management in Brazil.

If you or your company are looking for actions that promote how to remove my name from the official radar , know that Saftec Digital is a company specialized in digital strategies, which knows Google's rules to properly and coherently manage the recovery of your reputation . For more information, contact us on 11 4114-9358.

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