How to remove my name from Google searches

How to remove my name from Google searches

If your search is for “how to remove my name from Google searches” surely the search result offered by the search engine has presented data that you do not want to be public, correct?!

According to Saftec Digital, a company specialized in reputation management, removal of unwanted content and digital processes, knowing how to remove personal data from articles and pages has grown considerably. This is because the search for cyber privacy has been a debate among various groups and tribes. Below read more about the subject:

Privacy in times of internet

Privacy on the internet goes beyond exposing the history of websites that an individual visits while browsing. Thousands of people are having their personal data such as full names, emails, telephone numbers and CNPJs published on websites and blogs daily.

Furthermore, the possibility of the search engine finding fake news related to this information is huge, known as fake news. Therefore, the search “how to remove my name from Google searches” has been a topic not only in the digital environment, but also in the daily lives of ordinary people who want to protect themselves from the situation that this data leak can cause.

Find out how to remove your name from Google searches step by step

Finding your name on websites and blogs is not a pleasant situation, however, the first thing to do is remain calm and follow the commands found on the search engine's official page. To be more objective, search the Google page “Remove information found in Google Search”. So, just follow what the website asks, filling in the information and getting in touch. Great news for those searching for “how to remove my name from Google searches”.

What should I do if I can't remove some information on Google?

The actions indicated above do not always work. This is because, if your case does not fit into the company's security policies, nothing can be done. For this reason, there are strategies to help you get around this situation.

Saftec Digital specializes in promoting actions to remove the CNPJ from Google. Through strategies, the search engine starts to be used in favor of the customer, bringing only the desired information. Don’t waste time searching for “how to remove my name from Google searches” and contact Saftec Digital at: (11 4114-9358)

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