How to remove my name from Digger

How to remove my name from Digger

Looking for how to remove my name from Digger ? According to Saftec Digital — a company specializing in digital forensics — this search system houses various public data from institutions, patents, people and legal processes. However, if you do not want to leave your information on this page, know that it is possible to remove it. Want to know how? So, continue reading this article until the end!

What is the Excavator?

Before knowing how to remove my name from Digger , it is important to understand more about it. This system was created with the aim of storing public data about companies and people. All information comes from analyzes of processes and materials published in the courts of Justice, Official Gazettes and other bodies.

However, having your data exposed in an environment where any individual can have access is not an interesting experience, is it? This is because, in addition to losing part of their privacy, the company or person will have their image damaged. Therefore, one way to solve this problem is to know how to remove my name from Excavator.

How do I remove my name from Excavator?

Now that you know about the system, check out how to remove my name from Digger :

  • First step

To begin the process of how to remove my name from Excavator , you must first search the website. Once this is done, you will be on the home page, where you will search for the desired term, that is, your name or that of your company. It is interesting to type the full term, so that the results are more efficient. After searching, all records containing the desired word will appear.

  • Second step

The second step on how to remove my name from Digger is to enter the search results. On the page, you will see the “Remove Information” icon. When you click on it, a warning will appear on the screen, indicating the action that is being initiated. After confirming that you want to continue with the process, a form will appear.

  • Third step

The third step on how to remove my name from Digger will be to fill out the form with all the required information. It is important that you pay close attention at this point so that no errors occur. When you finish and confirm the sending, the website will show another warning to double-check the data entered.

  • Fourth step

After all these steps on how to remove my name from Escavador , the site checks the removal request within 72 hours. If all data and reasons are true and valid, the removal will be carried out. To confirm that the process was completed, you can enter the page later and search for your name.

Saftec Digital

Now that you understand how to remove my name from Escavador , know that this process can be done in a simplified way by specialized companies, such as Saftec Digital. With several years of experience in the market, the brand seeks to offer digital solutions, so that its customers can have a better life within the virtual world. So, get in touch by calling 11 4114-9358 to find out more!

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