How to remove intimate photos

How to remove intimate photos

With the popularization of the internet, sending intimate photos has become common among all genders and ages. Another record that has grown is the search for how to remove intimate photos from the internet. According to Saftec Digital, a company specializing in the removal of unwanted content and digital marketing consultancy, this happens because despite the photos being sent voluntarily, many people break the confidentiality and trust placed by the victim and “leak” the content that was intended be maintained between the two.

Sending intimate photos is not a crime, but leaking them is. Want to know more about the subject? Keep reading:

What are nudes?

The term nudes refers to sending naked photos or videos over the internet to another person. The dissemination of this content is popularly known as “leaking nudes” and has been a common practice among internet users around the world. Therefore, articles explaining how to remove intimate photos from the internet are becoming more common every day.

Having an intimate photo leaked can cause a lot of disruption to the victim's personal life, causing them to move away from friends, family and even lose their job and in some cases it can even lead to suicide. Therefore, finding the right measure to have the photos removed is essential for the victim to regain peace.

How to protect yourself from intimate photo leaks?

So you don't have to search for how to remove intimate photos from the internet in the not-so-distant future, know that the main way to avoid this headache is to not send them. However, if you still consider sending the photos, look for a way to send them safely. For example, the Discreet application determines an access code for the other person to view the material. Remember that all care is necessary.

What should I do if my intimate photos are leaked?

If your search is for how to remove intimate photos from the internet, this is certainly already a reality you have experienced. The next steps that the victim needs to take to prove the infraction and remove the contents at once consist of gathering all the evidence of the leak and then contacting a lawyer and the police to file a complaint.

Enlisting the help of companies that specialize in removing unwanted content is also an option. This is because, with all the events, the victim may not have the necessary support to follow all the necessary procedures. Therefore, trusting people who usually deal professionally with this type of situation is always a good choice.

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If you are a victim and are looking for how to remove intimate photos from the internet, know that Saftec Digital is a company specialized in digital strategies, which knows Google's rules to properly and coherently manage the recovery of your reputation. For more information, contact us on 11 4114-9358.

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