How to remove CNPJ from Google searches

How to remove CNPJ from Google searches

Everyone already knows that the internet is a powerful search tool. What some are unaware of is how to remove the CNPJ from Google. According to Saftec Digital, a company specialized in reputation management, removal of unwanted content and digital processes, knowing how to remove personal data from articles and pages is important for those looking for privacy and wanting to protect themselves from unwanted situations. Below read more about the subject:

Why is privacy in times of the internet so important?

Privacy on the internet goes beyond exposing websites that an individual visits while browsing. Thousands of people are having their personal data such as emails, telephone numbers and CNPJs disclosed on websites and blogs daily.

Furthermore, the possibility of the search engine finding fake news related to the information is huge. Therefore, the search for privacy on the internet has been a topic in the digital environment and in the lives of many people, considerably increasing the search for how to remove the CNPJ from Google.

What impacts can a Google search have on a company?

Due to the popularization of the internet, the world began to resort to research before buying a product or applying for a job. Therefore, preventing your business's personal information from being frivolously available in search results is a way of shielding the company's image.

So, if your search is for how to remove your CNPJ from Google, be aware that defamatory, slanderous comments containing information about your business can interfere with how the customer or employee will see the company. Furthermore, scams in which people may use your data can be avoided based on the actions taken to remove the information.

Is it possible to remove the CNPJ from Google?

Knowing that search results generate unwanted content, the next step is always to look for how to remove the CNPJ from Google, right? The answer to this common question is yes. However, the first thing the reader needs to understand is that Google is a search service, which means that unwanted information is located on sites that do not host the search engine. So, Google has no control over what they publish about you or your company on the internet.

What should I do if I can't remove some information on Google?

Actions to remove Google's name are not always based on speaking directly to the company. Especially if your case does not fit into the company's security policies. For this reason, there are strategies to help you get around this situation.

Saftec Digital specializes in promoting actions to remove the CNPJ from Google. Through strategies, the search engine starts to be used in favor of the customer, bringing only the desired information.

If you or your company are looking for improvements in search results and actions to remove Google's name, know that Saftec Digital is a company specialized in digital strategies, which knows Google's rules to properly and coherently manage the recovery of your reputation. For more information, contact us on 11 4114-9358.

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