How do I clear my name from searches?

How do I clear my name from searches?

Have you ever searched for your own name on the search engine and didn't like the results? At some point you asked yourself “how to clear my name from searches?”, right? Therefore, know that with the help of Saftec Digital it is now possible to obtain this answer. Want to know how this works? So, keep reading until the end and learn how you can do this.

The fact is that we have all tested how the search engine algorithm works by typing our own name and analyzing the results, images, articles and news that appear on our screen, and, most likely, we are scared by the amount of personal data that was found. and which are available to everyone who wishes to read and have access.

Many people understand this result as something positive, especially when it comes to their business, however, there are those who seek discretion and want to know “how to clear my name from searches?”, especially when the information available in the search engine is not that positive or , even, which may be untruths involving the user's name. We know that, nowadays, it is very easy to manipulate information about anyone.

So, regardless of the reasons that led you to ask “how to clear my name from searches?”, Saftec Digital is here to help you with this mission! But, first of all, we remember that there are certain criteria imposed by the Federal Supreme Court and, in most cases, it is necessary to have the support of an office that has full knowledge in Digital Law to meet your demand. If followed in this way, your request has a greater chance of being fulfilled.

First, it is important to know that, in general, search engines are only information facilitators, and it is not possible for them to have control over the information that appears during your search. In a simplified way, the search result is just the capture of a common term written between different publications that are spread throughout the web.

Knowing this, the Federal Supreme Court recently decided that it was no longer possible to remove information if it was proven to be true. However, if you still want answers to the question "How to clear my name from searches?", know that you can request the blocking of unwanted information, especially when it concerns the protection of honor, image, privacy and your personality in general. Thus, through blocking, you can have the cleaning you want, without inconvenient results appearing in the search results.

Unfortunately, blocking is still not that simple, for this reason, you need to rely on a company specialized in the subject if you want to clear your name from searches. In this sense, you need to know all the services offered by Saftec Digital , a company that operates in the field of reputation management, removal of unwanted content, removal of digital processes, digital marketing consultancy and much more!

Did you see how to eliminate the doubt “How to clear my name from searches?” It's simple? To put an end to unwanted results when searching for your name, get in touch at (11) 4114-9358 and carry out your digital cleaning!

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