Difference between political marketing and electoral marketing

Difference between political marketing and electoral marketing

Unlike what many people believe, political and electoral marketing, although they look the same, have differences between them! According to Saftec Digital specialists , knowing what they are is of paramount importance if your objective is to carry out an electoral campaign with assertiveness and fair cost. Therefore, if you want to know more about this subject, be sure to read this article until the end.

In fact, political marketing and electoral marketing are not simply synonymous terms, that is, the same thing, but with different nomenclatures. On the contrary, the difference is in the practice of each of these strategies, since they have different contents and executions.

political marketing

Given this, in political marketing, what we have is a set of actions aimed at publicizing the actions taken or to be taken by a candidate for a given political office. This happens during his mandate, so that an image is created with the public, which, in turn, will be useful later, in future electoral disputes.

More than that, political marketing is also useful and necessary in order to have popular support in situations unrelated to electoral disputes, because with it it will be possible to achieve a certain objective, be it political or social. Furthermore, it needs to be continuous, as it is all about building and maintaining an image.

election marketing

Electoral marketing, in turn, is a set of actions whose objective must be achieved in the short term, thus being simpler and easier to be analyzed and measured. In general terms, Saftec Digital specialists explain that the main focus of electoral marketing is the communication and promotion of a specific election.

This marketing is carried out so that the actions, projects and perspectives of a given candidate are disclosed during the election period, so that he becomes known and accepted by the public during his election campaign. Important, right? However, although this differs, in concept, from political marketing, it cannot be dissociated, since it makes up an important part of it.

Anyway, the point is that Saftec Digital offers both services to any candidate, for that reason if you want to carry out an advisory and invest more in your electoral campaign right now, be sure to get in touch by calling (11 ) 4112-9350.

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