Deleting erotic photos

Deleting erotic photos

Currently, the internet is full of non-consensual sexual content. However, some companies are already working on deleting erotic photos from the Web. Saftec Digital is one of these companies. In this article, you will be able to learn more about the implications this issue can bring, as well as obtain more information about removing this type of content.

What is non-consensual sexual content?

First of all, Saftec Digital explains that non-consensual sexual content or revenge pornography consists of the improper disclosure of intimate content, which can be photos, videos and audios. Most of the time, content published without the victim's authorization contains nude or sexual scenes, generating humiliation, disrespect and virtual lynching.

The advent of the internet

Saftec Digital, as a company that works to delete erotic photos , reminds us that this practice is not new, however, with the advent of the internet, it has become even more common. This happens because most people have easy access to smartphones and tablets, capable of producing high-quality digital photos and videos. In addition to being the gateway to publicity.

Non-consensual pornography is a crime in Brazil

Unlike some people, when they see themselves deleting erotic photos , Law 13,718/2018 was inserted into the Penal Code. Article 281-C makes it clear that offering, exchanging, making available, transmitting, selling or exposing for sale sexual content without the victim's consent is considered a crime. It can vary between 1 and 5 years of imprisonment, depending on the severity of the content.

Therefore, it is not enough to just look for ways that work to delete erotic photos . However, it is also necessary to seek assistance before the law, so that the appropriate measures are taken, so that the victim can return to their routine life and the person responsible for disclosing the content is duly punished, in accordance with the Penal Code.

Deleting erotic photos with Saftec Digital

As mentioned previously, some companies are already working to delete erotic photos from web pages. Google already offers a form for victims to request their removal, however, it is interesting to be able to count on a team that is specialized in the subject. This will give your request a solid foundation, increasing the chances of a positive review.

For this, you can now count on Saftec Digital. With a qualified team, the company offers digital advisory services, content removal, removal of digital processes, reputation management and several other options that will improve your performance on the Web. This way, you won't have to deal with embarrassment created by third parties!

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