Delete Google Information Quickly

Delete Google Information Quickly

Do you want to know how to delete information from Google ? According to Saftec Digital — a company that offers several digital solutions —, through a few steps, it is possible to remove unwanted data from this search tool. With this, you guarantee your privacy on the internet. Are you curious? So, continue reading this article until the end!

How Google Information Can Affect Your Reputation

Before knowing how to delete information from Google , it is important to understand that this data has a great influence on your digital reputation. This is because, if the materials linked to your name are negative, the public's image and perception of you or your company will be harmed.

Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that personal data does not fall into the wrong hands and permanently damage your image. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the linked results and, therefore, guarantee your privacy. But, if something is published, how to delete information from Google ?

How to delete information from Google

The first step to deleting information from Google is to go to the Google request page. When found, you will be presented with the pre-defined options, “Remove information found in Google Search” and “In Google search results and on a website”. In the next field, check “No, I would prefer not to do this” or “Yes ”.

After that, another step to delete information from Google will be to click on the first option in the list, called “Personal information, such as identification numbers and private documents”. You will then need to select the type of personal information you want to remove.

Finally, to delete information from Google , you will need to fill out a form that, depending on the type of information, will ask you to send photos of documents, the URL of the pages you want to remove and the query terms that appear in the search. Once this is done, simply confirm the veracity of the information and send it. Then, just wait for the request to be analyzed and approved.

Saftec Digital

Now that you understand how to delete information from Google , know that this process can be done in an uncomplicated way through companies like Saftec Digital. This is because, in addition to removing unwanted content, the brand also offers other digital solutions that will guarantee a positive image of you on the internet. Among its services are digital marketing consultancy, Ad campaigns, removal of legal proceedings and many others. So, be sure to get in touch on 11 4114-9358 to find out more!

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