Burying negative news: learn how to design your reputation management in election campaigns

Burying negative news: learn how to design your reputation management in election campaigns

“Burging negative news” on the internet is a topic that is definitely of interest to politicians and candidates for political office. After all, it is a fact that news with a negative content is the one that draws the most attention in the virtual environment, isn't it? This happens because these news always end up being more controversial, which, consequently, gains more repercussions.

But do you know what it's like to bury negative news on the internet? Or, still, the impact of this, how is it done and what does it have to do with reputation management? By the way, have you ever heard of this service? If your answer is no, then this article is for you! Read it to the end and check it out.

Impact of negative news

We know that for any public figure, having their name linked to negative news ends up keeping them away from opportunities, especially professionals. And it is no different when we talk about electoral campaigns, since the reach of votes is directly related to the reputation of the candidate, mostly formed by the propagation of the media. Thus, it is evident that by burying negative news, the chances of bringing a positive political reputation become greater.

It is also worth mentioning that negative news can become the so-called “fake news”, and it is evident that they tend to have greater circulation, as they have flashy, controversial titles, easy-to-understand language and are formulated with persuasion strategies. But how to proceed in this case?

Therefore, in electoral campaigns, the fight against fake news is a great challenge that must be worked on, firstly, by burying negative news and opting for content removal services on the internet.

Negative news and reputation management

In case you didn't know, image and reputation are different concepts, so that image is linked to something momentary and that does not generate major impacts - whether negative or positive -, and reputation is related to something lasting, having a great capacity to generate impact.

Therefore, we can say that reputation is the combination of images built over a period of time, and that burying negative news, especially when associated with political candidates, can be a way of managing it.

According to studies, in Brazil and in the world, negative content is a priority for those who follow the news, which ends up generating a greater weight when compared to positive news. So how do you promote content that stands out in these newscasts? The idea is to design informative material, in the case of election campaigns, already burying negative news, that is, arguing against this information and bringing content that positively meets the needs of the person with a compromised image.

How can Saftec Digital help in this scenario?

Given this, acting in the market with improvements and solutions for the virtual environment, Saftec Digital offers quality services, which aim to guarantee your protection and digital security. Among these services are: digital monitoring, digital law and, certainly, reputation management and removal of content from google, seeking to help clients who are burying negative news on the internet, mostly for election campaigns.

In this way, the company's differential lies in acting against the loss of credibility of customers, in the face of negative information found on the Web. Thus, reputation management, combined with the removal of content from Google, allows burying negative news to be a a more practical and targeted process for electoral campaigns. So, if you want to get to know Saftec Digital better and have more information about its services, contact us by phone (11) 4114-9358 or by the website saftecdigital.com.br/

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