Web Reputation Management

Web Reputation Management

Have you ever imagined searching for your name or that of your company on the internet and coming across results that bring positive stories on sites of great relevance? Active in the digital market for more than a decade, Saftec is a pioneer in a service called: Digital Reputation Management.

Understanding that the information that is on the internet is crucial for our lives on and off the web, caring about the stories that circulate about your company or about you as a professional, in public office or even in your personal life is of great importance when we want to stand out positively on the internet.

Did you know that more than 93% of people search the internet before hiring a service or closing a deal with someone? This is an indication that it is necessary to ensure that when a person searches about you on the internet, they will only see positive content, well written and published on highly relevant sites on the web.

Digital Reputation Management starts to act precisely in this aspect, as it allows us to fully manage the contents that circulate on the internet about a specific person or company, being able to distance negative material from the first pages of search engines or allow us to employ greater notoriety of someone about a certain subject. We recommend Reputation Management to:

It is worth remembering that Reputation Management is a completely personalized and unique service for each client. Saftec seeks to understand your real need, and with that plan image management according to what you need to deliver positive results every time someone searches for your name or that of your company on the internet.

With the experience that only a pioneering company offers, Saftec has a team of specialists to plan, create, publish and manage your image on the internet. After all, you deserve to be in control of what appears under your name on the web.

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